The Salem Legacy Fund

In 2001, United Way of Naugatuck & Beacon Falls was left a very generous gift from the Estate of Mr. Gordon B. Mannweiler. With this gift United Way established an endowment fund to support the mission of the organization into the future. This gift to the community will touch the lives of strangers and friends indefinitely. His final gift to his community was just one of many contributions he had made during his lifetime. Mr. Mannweiler worked as chief engineer and metallurgist for the Eastern Co.

The Salem Legacy Fund is a special fund, separate from our annual campaign, which will provide additional support for creating solutions for today and tomorrow. The fund will directly impact our ability to strengthen this community.

United Way has a long and successfully history of being a leader in providing support to numerous health and human service agencies in our community. Through the traditional annual campaign, the promotion of volunteerism and collaborative efforts, our local United Way has provided an efficient and effective way to support the less fortunate in our community.

Be integrating a dynamic endowment program into its traditional fundraising strategy, United Way of Naugatuck & Beacon Falls is positioning itself to confront the pressing problems of today and the times yet to come.

You can help sustain and grow the United Way of Naugatuck & Beacon Falls by establishing your own permanent, designated fund through a special arrangement between the United Way and the Connecticut Community Foundation.

There are many ways to become a member of the Salem Legacy Fund and show you care. Including the following:

  • Bequests through Will
  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Life Insurance Gifts
  • Memorial Gifts